Cocaine Possession and Sales Laws in Florida

Cocaine addict snorting huge lines Cocaine is considered to be the most dangerous drug. The consumption of cocaine is hazardous for body as well as society. Possession and sales of cocaine is illegal in Florida and hence it is a crime to possess cocaine in any form. The smuggling of cocaine is also a common illegal activity among those who want to make easy and fast money and are also associated with other criminal activities. That is why, the punishment and penalties for possession, transport and sales of cocaine is severe to snub these illegal activities.

Cocaine is extracted from coca plant found in high mountains. Chewing coca leaves was once a common practice in mountainous regions of America, but now refined and purified coca has become a highly addictive and harmful drug. It is sod and smuggled to the countries around the globe.

Possession of Cocaine:

If you are caught with cocaine even in smallest quantity, you will be charged of committing a crime. Possession of cocaine can be a misdemeanor or felony according to the drug type, quantity and geographical area.  Simple possession of cocaine without any intention of selling it is a misdemeanor.  If you are found carrying less than 25gms of cocaine, you can be sentenced 14 months of imprisonment. But possession of more than 25gms cocaine can result in 65 months imprisonment. Carrying cocaine in any form is a crime. Crack cocaine found in smallest quantities can lead to harsh penalties and severe punishment. First time cocaine possession offense has lenient punishment. But repeated offense can be considered a felony.  Possession of cocaine results in imprisonment, monetary fines and severe penalties.

Sales of Cocaine in Florida:

20kg of cocaineCocaine is a Class A drug and its sale and distribution is a serious crime in Florida. It is illegal to sell or distribute cocaine in any form in the country or supplying it outside the country. The penalties for cocaine trafficking in Florida differ according to the amount and the type of drug. Selling, distributing and trafficking cocaine is a felony in Florida and so has harsh punishments like 3 years jail and heavy monetary fines up to $25000.

Gainesville’s Leading Law Firm Will Beat Your Charges: 

The mandatory sentences have made drug laws more severe. Taking services of an experienced attorney becomes essential to defend yourself from the drug charges. Our lawyers at Gainesville will defend your case and protect your legal rights.

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