What Happens When you Fail a Drug Test on Probation?

Most of the DUI and other misdemeanor charges in Florida result in probation over imprisonment. But probation period is not that simple and easy as your normal life. You have to follow stiff terms and conditions and any violation of these terms lead to severe punishments and penalties. The restrictions on probation include:kind bud

  • Restrictions on travelling outside the country.
  •  Mandatory counseling classes.
  • Suspension of drivers license.
  • Restriction on purchasing and keeping firearms.
  • Regular visits and meetings with probation officer.
  • Routine drug tests.
  • Regular fine payments to court.

These terms are to be endured strictly.  If you fail to do so, it is called violation of probation. There are many ways in which the probation is violated. But mostly the violation of probation is unintentional.

Forms of probation violation:

Probation violation is classified into two kinds:

  • Substantive violation: It is considered a violation and serious illegal activity, if you are caught for committing another crime during your probation.  It is called substantive violation of probation and has severe consequences.
  • Technical violation: If you fail to stand any of the given terms of your probation, it is called the technical violation. You may violate these terms unintentionally for example: delay in fine payments, missing meeting with probation officer, keeping a firearm and failing drug test etc.drug test urinealysis

Failing a drug test during probation is the commonest form of violation of probation. This again is unintentional violation. According to the laws of Florida, if your blood alcohol count exceeds 0.8%, you are considered to be intoxicated and drunk. But nobody knows after how much intake of alcohol, his blood count exceeds the set limit. You might feel totally normal and non-intoxicated by consuming little amount of alcohol but when the BAC report comes, it is entirely shocking. And hence you are caught for violating your probation. The consequences are as harsh as they are for any violation. Your probation period is extended, heavy monetary fines are imposed and sometimes you can even be sent to a jail.

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