Florida’s drug laws – Oxycodone possession and Sales

a metric ton of happy pillsPossession, sales and consumption of drugs is illegal in Florida and can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on certain points.  Drugs are not only consumed but are sold and smuggled to various countries and so drug laws of Florida are made stiff to curb illegal activities associated with drugs. Since Oxycodone drug is mostly used for legitimate reason as a pain killer. But possession and trafficking of oxycodone is a crime and has serious ramifications. Any individual caught possessing, selling and distributing oxycodone even in small quantities is charged of the felon of first degree. Not just the oxycodone but even if you are carrying some substance with more than 4gms oxycodone in it, you are charged of felony and so will have to face serious consequences.

Oxycodone possession and trafficking penalties:

The conviction of oxycodone possession can be sentenced up to 30 years of imprisonment depending on the quantity being possessed. If the person caught possessed more than 4gms and less than 14gms of oxycodone, he shall be sentenced to a long term imprisonment of more than 3yrs and monetary fines up to $50000. Quantity between 14 – 28gms can result in mandatory term of 15 years of imprisonment accompanied with heavy monetary fine up to $100000. The quantity exceeding 28gms will have more serious punishments. It will be a felony and can result in 25 years of imprisonment with fine of $500,000. The same laws are applied for its sale too. The drug’s quantity is measured and consequently criminal conviction is charged.  Oxycodone is used in medicines with legal substances but even then you might be convicted of oxycodone trafficking penalties based on the weight of oxycodone in the pills. So the chance of committing this crime unknowingly and unintentionally is more as compared to other illegal drugs.

Why trust Gainesville’s Leading Law Firm?

The only way to defend and get you out of the conviction is to contact an attorney immediately. The crime against you is proved by producing the seized amount of the drug before the court. But even obtaining the drug from the suspect should be done according to the legal laws. Our attorney will work out the loop holes in the process of seizing the drug from you and will protect your rights. Our lawyer will work on proving that the drug was obtained through legal process and prescription. The Gainesville law office is always at your disposal to help you out of this crucial situation and will get you free from the conviction.

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